36th Independence Anniversary

This weekend St. Lucia celebrates its 36th Independence Anniversary in grand style. No, we are not getting the parade I have dreamed about for the last ten years; we are however taking the celebrations to the south. Why am I excited is easy to explain. Something about activities in the south of the island always entices me. The drive down to Vieux Fort is always one I look forward to even when I am the one behind the wheel. That “squall” as I like to call it helps me appreciate my island a little more and I have come to the conclusion that it is high time I love what I am getting for free and others pay thousands for.

This year our Independence activities will run for a total of three days and I do plan on making the most of each day and so should you. Just how much of or about your island do you know? How do you feel when a tourist who only visited the island for a week can tell you more about the villages and towns in St. Lucia than you can to someone else?

I have to commend our citizens on the recent surge in flags flying on their vehicles and the few who have gone the extra mile to erect flag poles in their yards to fly the colours of our national flag. I remember not too long ago, people were being begged to show a little bit more national pride and I am happy to see that the cries of gentlemen such as Jacques Compton have not fallen on deaf ears.

While we celebrate our independence and in our haste to show our national pride, we must always remember that there are prohibited uses of the national flag that must be respected. These include, the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing, except in accordance with maritime practice; the Flag should never be flown with the peaks inverted except as a signal of distress. The Flag should not be displayed on a float, motorcar or other vehicle or on a boat, except from a staff or masthead. Of course further reading on the government’s website will state clearly that except on a day of special significance the National Flag shall not be flown on a motorcar without the permission of the Minister.

There are a few more rules that that if we were to print them we would run out of space and hence we won’t be able to inform you about the stellar line up billed for the Independence weekend celebrations. Our best St. Lucian artistes will be gracing the stage and to top off we can all look forward to the Seafood Fiesta vs. Magnificent Meats extravaganza, the “Expo” of “All things St. Lucian” where everything from arts and crafts to ceramics, clothing, jewellery and more, will be available to the public, the independence challenge, walk round the island, horse racing, motor cross, netball, basketball, football, cycling among many other sporting events and of course the SLAM concert.

I encourage everyone to enjoy this long Independence holiday and be proud that you are St. Lucian. Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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