Babonneau Youth Excellence Awards


Dear Diary,

Last week, a number of other young people and I, were recognized for our various accomplishments at the Babonneau Youth Excellence Awards; that was an unforeseen moment. When I was informed that I would be an awardee at the ceremony, I was thrilled; I envisaged the possibilities of the night, till it came into actuality.

I have always been a writer; it’s the way I express myself best, (whatever the emotion at the time). It is an art that I have a sincere gratitude for and it is one of my greatest passions. I never however, believed I would be the recipient of an award of this kind any time soon. Perhaps, after I had attained more qualifications and had written numerous critically acclaimed pieces; something of the sort, I thought.

It is indeed a gratifying feeling when one is rewarded for their talent and accomplishments. It allows that individual to become even more motivated and work doggedly to attain what may seem to be beyond their reach. What I really appreciated most about the event, was that it was not just an award presentation; orators read the biographies of awardees and those in attendance found out in detail just how much the various awardees had accomplished. The “regular” guy or girl next door had travelled to some of the biggest countries representing Saint Lucia in sporting activities and other areas and some came out at the top, receiving gold for their outstanding performance. Others excelled in agriculture, and other areas. Hearing the various accomplishments of the awardees made me smile; everyone who was awarded is worthy to receive such.

I am grateful to our district representative, Hon. Alvina Reynolds, (Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations), for taking the time, to highlight the various accomplishments of the Babonneau youth. The event was a splendid one and top-tiered I will add. I hope our readers continue to stay inspired, and commit themselves to pursuing their aspirations; it will pay off.

Have a wonderful weekend my loves,

Rae A.

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