Bad behaviour


Dear Diary,

This week whilst walking, I came across two minors, (relatives apparently), involved in a row—one no older than 14, and the other, perhaps aged 10. The scathing remarks that were thrown the younger one’s way were alarming. Adults attempted to calm down the older child who was incensed, and who tried her best to physically lash out at the other. I was dumbstruck.

Even at 22, I, surely, would not be spared by my mother and would be chided for this kind of behaviour. The scene I witnessed was astonishing! Where did such behaviour stem from? Who should be blamed for such poor behaviour? Was it the parents? Was it the negative influence of television?

Although some of my questions may go unanswered, I was certain about one thing— the parents were partially responsible for this occurrence. If their children were disciplined, (the older one especially), this would not occur. Of course there’s sibling rivalry in many households— the incessant bickering amongst other things. That is normal; however, when it surpasses what is regarded as “normal” then a question mark is apt.

Dear God! When I hear the tales about the olden days from my grandfather, mother and other relatives, I know one must have lost his or her sanity to attempt such! Another troubling fact is that the children’s relatives were present when this transpired. The older child was repeatedly threatening to “kill” the younger one. Readers, these words were uttered by a child who is no older than 14. Of course, threatening to kill someone is unacceptable at any age but for a child who is no older than 14 to think of such! God help us all.

I urge parents to correct their children when necessary. I have preached that before. (Most) children, indubitably, will express their gratitude in the future because a good ole beating from the belt and countless talks can help mould a child into an amazing adult. It helped me. Immensely. Just ask my mother.

Have a wonderful weekend all,

Rae A.

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