Balance n Harmony: They’re RED-y

Red Unlimited

It was not their launch, actually not even close! Red Unlimited in a move that took me back a few years when they went public with the charitable initiative RED Foundation and when they made super sexy to jump in the Madras, called a press launch and asked for only one request – persons who looked elegantly chic with a dash of red.

Of course the thought of seeing a costume never once came to mind; after all, what carnival band would tease you so early? The site of two hot, sexy and creative costumes parading through the Sandals Palladium thrilled invited guests as folks hurried to get that all important shot for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; it was the announcement of a new executive with Trevor King at the helm to run the RED train.

Red Unlimited

RED Unlimited also unveiled their theme for this year “Yin Yang – Balance N Harmony”. The two costumes displayed on the night according to RED officials weren’t the Ultra or Platinum V.I.P sections but V.I.P (as all sections in RED are V.I.P). This year RED Unlimited will take the road with six regular V.I.P sections, one Ultra and one Platinum V.I.P section.

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