By using yours hands you can make millions

A wise lady once told me that by using yours hands you can make millions. I didn’t understand her then and funny enough I never paid any attention to it until my visit to the Vide Boutielle Secondary School on Tuesday. I was invited to host a Junior Achievement presentation but as bad luck would have it I was only able to make it to the school after the presentations had started.

Nonetheless, I was able to get a glimpse of what I missed as each student was asked to explain their the business idea individually. Students were asked to come up with a business idea using recycled materials available to them. Ideas included dresses made from plastic bags, house models made from popsicle sticks and matchboxes (empty of course) and my personal favourite, a banjo.

I remember always wanting to learn how to build a banjo mainly due to the amount of money a man from my community would make on the instrument. Using nothing but fishing line and used pieces of wood, he would construct the sweetest looking banjo you’d ever hear. I always marvelled at that and one time begged him to teach me how to or at least make me one. I think my lack of funds however was a major stumbling block between him making me one and me learning.

A child may not be the smartest in mathematics or accounts but let’s not stop at finding what they are good at doing. Ten years ago, talents displayed by these students would have stopped at the school gate and would only be common knowledge in their comminutes. With programmes and activities such as what took place at the school, students are now given a chance to show and prove that there is so much more that meets the eye.

We are also indirectly setting them up to be an important staple in an industry that we depend so heavily on – tourism. As a student mentioned in his pitch, what this activity has unearthed are future craft vendors who in turn can sell unique and indigenous items to the tourists. Talk about forward thinking! I am sure that with those young minds at work that our business will surely be booming!

That’s it for me ya’ll, have a great weekend and God bless.


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