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Dale Elliot

Dale Elliot

One can easily surmise that almost every Saint Lucian is familiar with the name Dale Elliot. Dale, 36, is the host of a compelling local TV programme, “Untold Stories”. The host is well known for divulging stories of an intriguing nature in the most poignant manner.

After giving much thought to whom I would feature— the person who I would instantly know was “right” when they came to mind, the name “Dale Elliot” when suggested by a colleague, gave me that “yes!” feeling. He had an inside view of people’s lives; he had heard what one could imagine is a thousand stories; this is a man who had “seen it all”. Undoubtedly, Dale Elliot would pique the interest of any Saint Lucian reader.

“I am a focused character with passions that drive me, whether it is car racing, to production; I am a focused person,” he shared in the first few minutes of the interview.

Dale, I concur, is focused. His focused attitude is what led to him being the host of the show. But how did it all start? According to the “Untold Stories” host, “Untold Stories,” started 17 years ago. At the time, he was with local media house Daher Broadcasting Service (DBS). He later started his own company, an automotive store, “Bumper To Bumper”, which no longer exists. However, he’s still in the automotive business; he owns a car rental company and repair shop.

According to the Corinth resident, although he owns these businesses, his heart and soul is in social transformation work. “Untold Stories”, he stated, is intended for social transformation.

“Social transformation in the simplest and most complicated form; every single programme is supposed to inform you, entertain you, but jolt you to action in some form or the other,” he said.

Dale has witnessed some lurid and moving stuff; he recalled witnessing an autopsy, providing me with details as he went along. He also recalled working with a family when their family member had died. This he explained, was for production and simply put, asked viewers whether they knew what steps (from first to last), to take when a loved one dies.

The selection process for the show, (now in its fourth season), I presume would have many as curious as a cat. I was certainly intrigued. What was the selection process like? Does he go to various communities to get the next tearjerker or thought-provoking story?

“Every season, I start off with 12 or 15 programmes that I would like to do for the year,” he elucidated. “They come from a collection of places; a lot of it has to do with my own experiences— things that bother me with society,” he added.

Sometimes, getting his stories requires quite a bit of physical work; it’s an interesting process. According to the TV host, on one occasion, when he did a programme on Rastafarianism, he had to climb a hill, “in a big, big bush,” to get his story. But, to Dale, it’s all worth it.

The host is passionate about his profession; it shows in his productions and I was able to witness the extent of his passion in person.

Has the show taught him to have a greater appreciation for life? Certainly, he says. “My behaviour has changed; I have a greater appreciation for life insurance.”

The host shares that he hopes to convey his emotions in whatever he produces; that is paramount. Also, he said, he wants to produce “every story for my nine year old to appreciate and understand but a 90-year-old to appreciate just as well.”

Dale has done quite a bit of things including radio. “I love radio; I love disseminating information in a factual, funny, creative, engaging way,” he said. However, he mentioned that it’s time-consuming and would slow him down at this point in his life. He needs to remain focused, he said.

He is not only known for “Untold Stories”. The host, owner of production company, “The Independent Film Company,” is also known as a creator of local movies. One of his most recent films, based on a true story, “21 Days”, received the award for Best Film at the Piton Film Festival in 2014.

On the lighter side, the host informed me that he has a “love affair” with his computer; it’s his thing; he also enjoys writing commercials.

This is just the beginning for Dale. After all, it’s his moment and he is wisely, making the best of it.

When I interviewed him, I found out quite a bit: he has an unbelievable sense of humour, he is your ordinary Joe with several passions, and he is a man who intends to leave his mark.

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