Domestic Abuse


We moved into a new month just a few days ago in bitter-sweet fashion. Let’s start with the bitter part of very early 2015. The news has been rife with domestic abuse, rape and a series of deaths by drowning. The one which has divided the nation is that of a toddler who lost his life on Independence Day and a Canadian national who has since been charged for the boy’s untimely demise. The news which has a massive impact on us here at the YO, especially yours truly, is the number of domestic abuse and rape cases that our police force has had to deal with so early in the year.

In light of such a revelation I believe it is time that we as a nation throw out that notion of “it is not my business” to “if I see or if I can I will help.” I have heard countless times people most of them adults, say that they won’t meddle in a couple’s affairs because that is none of their business. I have read and seen stories where by a woman has died because people with that line of thinking refused to meddle.

Just think about it, your best friend is in an argument at the bus stop, would you allow the argument to escalate into a physical battle before you intervene? If you answered yes, then, answer this. Would you be able to live with yourself if such an altercation resulted in one of the individuals losing their life? Of course not! That day would forever be in the back of your mind and you will forever be haunted with the question, “What if I had..?”

We are now in an age where we have to be our brother’s keeper. We have to look out for each other, and that courtesy should be extended to strangers as well. I am not saying that you put yourself in danger, but a simple call to the teachers, principal or even the police station will go a long way and it might even end up saving someone’s life. The no snitching policy that was made popular by the hip hop industry needs to stay as old school as the people who gave it life.

We have to return this island back to the sweet place it is known for; and speaking of sweet, I did say in the first paragraph that we said hello to March in a bitter-sweet fashion. Well here, is the sweet part. Guys and girls I think we deserve a pat on the back because we ended the month of February without reports of a single homicide in the country; that is a major accomplishment for all the citizens in St. Lucia.

That’s it for me this weekend. You guys take care, be safe and God bless.


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  1. We cannot go back in time so to speak. This is a very timely topic and we need to ask if the St. Lucian view of domestic dynamics are on par with current international/ global standards.

    In today’s world with discussions of equal work for equal pay and an increasing female presence in the workforce, this has changed expectations in the society and at home.

    Start these discussions with St. Lucians so that the necessary changes in expectations and perceptions can begin. I commend you for putting these ideas in public, what’s needed now is to facilitate meaningful conversations about today’s gender roles.

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