Don’t mistake kindness for interest


Dear Diary,

Earlier this week, I bumped into an acquaintance. I had not seen the individual for some time, so I went over to enquire about the individual’s well-being. I’m sure you’re familiar with the dictum which states that kindness is so rare in today’s society that people often mistake it for “interest”. This is exactly what transpired when I went over to make my salutations. This individual proceeded to give me a kiss on the forehead and I was instantly angered; I can assure you that I did not see it coming nor did anything to encourage that behaviour. Sure it was “just” a forehead kiss but what angered me is that we do not have a relationship that permits such.

I do not regard this as “overreacting”. If one allows such to happen, the individual most likely attempts to take the situation further with another inappropriate gesture. I believe if one does not appreciate something, they should not tolerate it just because they’re fearful of what others think. The individual may then make the decision to give you the cold shoulder; that’s their problem.

With that said, I hope all our readers are pleased with the latest additions to the magazine. We’re working hard to give you a product that you can enjoy. You can send your suggestions to us via email; you will find it on the contents page. You can also send us your suggestions via our social media pages.

Before I end this weekend’s entry, I have to say that the ‘bacchanal season’ is upon us and I am thrilled! I love some good soca music and I must say we’re getting sweet soca music from neighbouring islands. Carnival babies are excitedly awaiting the various launches. I would love to be a part of it all but that does not seem feasible as I have to pay off my school tuition; I also have other adult responsibilities. Oh well.

Have a wonderful weekend all,

Rae A.

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