Happy New Year


Dear Diary,

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with our New Year edition. We are a tad late, I’m sure you’ve noticed; sincere apologies. I trust that all our readers made the best of the holiday season. It left in such haste! I think most of us can agree to that.

Here I was, ironing millions of curtains, (gosh, I dread doing that), doing the routine clean up, excitedly putting up decorations and just like that, it’s already done. My holidays were pretty quiet, but I welcomed the serene atmosphere. Thankfully, I still have some Christmas ham left in the fridge so I can indulge in that whilst watching reruns of “CSI: Miami” or one of my favourite sitcoms.

During the vacation, I listened to Christmas carols by Saint Lucian calypsonian, the late Mighty Pelay. What’s Christmas without some good ole Pelay? I find joy in his music because the lyrics are so well crafted but what makes me smile even more is that although crippled by a disease in his living days, he did not allow it to cripple his abilities. I remember sharing this with my mother, with a smile plastered on my face; I also mentioned his use of the stage whilst competing in the annual calypso competition. I knew that when we resumed work at the office, I would share this with our readers.

Pelay was regarded as a local musical icon. Sometimes, those who are capable of doing so much get so comfortable with life and at the end of the day, have nothing to show for it. And here was a man, who did not have the ability to walk, but who left his mark. Remarkable isn’t it? For me, it’s not about singing praises now that he’s deceased. (You know how that can be..) It was just a realization whilst listening to music; I had to share this to encourage others.

I also wanted to use his situation to motivate others who are disabled in some way. Helen Keller comes to mind; although deaf as well as blind, she went on to accomplish so much and was well-known for her achievements. There are some who are disabled, who unfortunately are unable to do much because of the extreme nature of their situation. But there are others, who are more fortunate. You too, are capable of leaving your mark.

Stay motivated my loves.

I bid you all a wonderful weekend,

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