Happy New Year


The new year and a new issue is upon us and I know I am not the only one asking, “wasn’t 2012 just yesterday?” No it wasn’t a typo, I am actually thinking about 2012, because I vividly remember that year as if it was yesterday. That is how quickly time flies and if you don’t watch it, you will be left with your mouth opened wide thinking where did the years go.

For the new year, as is the norm I am sure that many of our readers would have made resolutions that you intend to keep. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact it is commendable that you are realizing that part of your life, you’re in need of change, and are willing to work hard to effect that change.

You should appreciate however that before you list your resolutions, you must have at least thought them through, and that they are attainable; or in other words, realistic. Let’s not attempt to get to the moon when we have no access to a spaceship.

Some of you have understood this and have put forth some resolutions that I am sure if you stick to your game plan you will achieve. One individual shared her number one resolution with me which was to get a weekend job so she can help relieve the pressure of her tuition on her mother. It didn’t matter to her what the job was, “once it is legal” she said, “I am willing to do it”.

I tested her a bit to see just how serious she was by recommending she tried the supermarkets as I know they usually hire individuals on a part-time basis. In my mind a teenager would flinch at the thought of working at a supermarket. Not this young leader, she was eager to know how she could apply and when would she be able to start if she was given the opportunity.

Her enthusiasm was no doubt a wonderful way to start our new year and of course the Slouch from the Couch for 2015. With her zeal and the potential she has yet to learn she possesses, I am certain not only will she be hired but also after her probation period is over, she would be made a full time employee. Should she decide to work through the ranks, we’re perhaps looking at a supermarket chain manager as well.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P