How can I fix a broken relationship?

Dear Helpline,

How can I fix a broken relationship? My heart is broken 🙁

Dear Anonymous,

Mending a broken relationship requires willingness and compromise on both ends. The individuals in the relationship must be willing to hear each other out and discuss the necessary actions they should take, so that their relationship can considerably be improved.

This however, requires admittance on the part of whoever’s wrong and an apology as well so that progress can be achieved. Getting a broken relationship back to its normal state can sometimes be a mammoth task. Forgiveness is paramount. At times, individuals do not readily forgive. It can be hard for the individual to forgive you or for you to reciprocate the action— depends on the nature of the situation. Talk things out with your friend at length if he or she is willing to give you a listening ear, or vice versa. Make a decision as to the next best step— what should you both fix or refrain from doing to make your relationship a better one? If your friend refuses to hear you out, perhaps he or she will come around. That is not always the case however; you can only hope and try towards getting a positive outcome.

If things don’t work out the way you want it to, though it will sting, eventually, you’ll be able to smile genuinely again. I do hope there’s a rainbow on your end.

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