I Have A Rash

Dear Helpline,

I have a rash that’s spreading. Should I visit a doctor or will it go away after a while?

Dear Anonymous,

You should not take situations like this lightly. A spreading rash is cause for concern and you should visit a General Practitioner as soon as possible. Granted sometimes rashes may appear harmless; however, suspicious looking skin rashes should be looked at by a professional. Even those that appear to be harmless sometimes are not. Don’t take any risks; visit a local health clinic or private office to see what your doctor says. You can then take the next step. You can also Google ‘rashes’ and possible causes, et cetera and share your research with your doctor. However, avoid panicking and overthinking your situation. Sometimes people tend to over think and later find out it was much ado about nothing. Until you have visited the doctor, you may want to take precautionary methods so as to avoid worsening the situation. For instance, you may want to stay away from harsh skin lotions and foods, et cetera.

I wish you a positive outcome.

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