I have so much love to give

Dear Helpline,

I have so much love to give but it seems like no one is willing to love me. Where did I go wrong?

Dear Anonymous,

Love is seemingly inexplicable at times. It is a trapped whirlwind of emotions that appears to be both good and bad; it is beautiful, yet horrendous. Seems confusing, I’m sure. That is because, it is. You should be cognizant of one thing however: love comes when the time is right; perfect timing is a beautiful thing I’m sure you will nod in agreement.

You expressed that you feel like you have a world of love to share, however, it is not being returned. Hon, it is not because you are unworthy of such, but it is possible that you have stumbled into the wrong individuals. It happens to the best of us; in fact, most individuals have had one or more individuals who have broken their hearts. This does not mean that they were “unlovable”. It simply means that sometimes individuals are not compatible, one individual has an ulterior motive, or is unable to see the beauty that lies in that individual.

One thing that is certain however, when you find your identical match, you realise that it was worth the painful wait. Sometimes when individuals feel like it is impossible to find love, they settle for less. Don’t allow that to happen. Know your worth, see your beauty and remember, being single is perfectly fine too. There are so many people who appear to have it all; a “perfect” relationship. That’s not always the case. Focus on the other important things in life, and when the time is right, you will find the individual that was seemingly designed just for you.

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