I really like this guy

Dear Helpline,

I really like this guy. We’ve known each other for two weeks. Do you think it is possible to love someone so fast?

Dear Anonymous,

Based on the details of your letter, it is clear that you are still at a juvenile stage, as most adults, or mature individuals know better. One simply cannot love an individual after a mere two weeks. Meeting someone who sparks your interest, can cause an individual to feel like they have fallen in love or perhaps feel like they have met their equal, or better half. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is normal. However, you should be cognizant that there is a vast difference between love and physical attraction.

Perhaps you often share laughs with that individual and often have good times with this person so you believe it is more than said attraction. Love comes with time: getting to know an individual, their morals, personal beliefs, aspirations, the way that individual treats others, the way that individual treats you when the freshness of the relationship has long passed, their likes and dislikes, et cetera; love takes time. It is paramount that you take things slowly and act wisely. An individual may appear to genuinely like you initially. A number of individuals present themselves that way in order to attain their prurient desires.

If you are not of the dating age, I urge you to focus on school, until you reach that age. Then, you can enjoy the pleasures of dating: getting to know an individual. Remember it is important that you take your time, regardless of how old you are. When you are ready, find someone who appreciates your mind, character and company— an individual who just wants to get to know you and who is willing to take things at a slow pace— not an individual whose sole focus is fulfilling their physical desires. Be careful and use wisdom in everything you do.