Miss SJC Princess

sjc princess

From the moment the event commenced, it was obvious that the night was going to be an exciting one. The first appearance by the six contestants had the audience absorbed entirely. The ambience complimented their attire, and the girls who introduced themselves with confidence, were received with cheers of approval and head nods from the packed student audience. Saint Joseph Convent’s annual “Princess” competition was going to be a good one.

Following the introductory segment, the audience was briefly entertained by the CAM dancers. The talent segment came in subsequently and the audience got a chance to see various forms of talent, especially dance, which tends to be common at pageants. However, Reshul Narhari’s talent piece stood out from the bunch. The student magically depicted the art of perseverance with paint and dance, bleeding her heart out, convincing the audience with her every move. At the end of her riveting performance, she displayed an art masterpiece, informing the audience that it was God’s doing and without God, one is incapacitated. Although a few other contestants had to perform after Reshul, all signs indicated that she, most likely, would capture the award for best talent.

The school’s Form Four dance group performed an exciting number after the girls had completed their talent pieces. The contestants later returned, beautifully adorned in their evening wear, wearing hopeful smiles. Some glittered whilst they sauntered across the stage, wooing the audience with their every move. The girls all dazzled and if anyone of the contestants was nervous, they allowed the audience to believe otherwise.

What is deemed as the “hard part” by many came in shortly after— the interview segment; it’s a segment that is capable of allowing a contestant who seems to have everything under control, to lose their firm group. It’s the moment of change. The contestants however, all did well, some shining brighter than others, but the responses were all intelligent.

After this segment, the curtains would soon fall. The moment of finality, the seal of approval was near. The audience was treated to more entertainment whilst the judges’ deliberated. The school’s drama group performed a humorous drama skit, one deemed “too brief” by the audience. A local music band, Eva Lucian, also provided some welcome entertainment. The band performed a number of their soca hits as well as other popular soca tunes. They had the audience up on their feet, dancing and singing along.

The moment of truth soon arrived. Hearts were racing and the final hand would be dealt. The crowd audibly willed their favourite contestant on, hoping that their heart’s desire would play a significant role. The judges of course had the final say. In the end, it was Reshul Narhari who came out victorious and was crowned “Miss SJC Princess”, 2015. Reshul was also the recipient of the “Best Talent” and “Best Evening Wear” awards. Marissa Arlain was the first runner up; she also got the award for “Best Interview, whilst Jhazmin Francis captured the second runner up spot.

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