My dad is always quarrelling with me

Dear Helpline,

My dad is always quarrelling with me about every little thing. Sometimes I cry because it’s so much. Any tips on how I can make the situation better?

Dear Anonymous,

I understand that it feels like a burden when it seems that a parent chastises you incessantly. A situation like this can really bring one’s spirits down. Usually, when parents do so however, it’s because they wish to see their child be the best that they can be. You may not welcome it now, but you will certainly appreciate it in the long run. Perhaps you’re a tad stubborn; maybe you refuse to adhere to your parent’s rules. Maybe it’s a matter of you performing poorly at school or socializing with the wrong group of people. Ponder about what your father constantly “nags” about. Question yourself– how can you improve the situation? If you take your father’s advice, don’t you think there would be less bickering between the two of you? I’m sure you can work on change. If your father notices a change in your behaviour, your relationship will be much better, I’m sure. Keep your head up.

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