Oneka to Rep 758

Oneka Mckoy

Oneka Mckoy

Pageant beauty Oneka Mckoy has been selected to represent LADY J PAGEANTS / ST. LUCIA at MISS WEST INDIES 2015 to be held in Phillipsburg St. Maarten. Oneka, a popular television Host on DA VIBE for some years now is a lover of pageants and has been very successful on the pageant stage as well as the holder of at least five pageant crowns. Oneka will compete along with twenty-four beautiful talented young ladies around the Caribbean to secure a space in the top five and hopefully win the title.

The Miss West Indies Pageant will be held at the Carnival Village in Galisbay on February 14, coinciding appropriately with Valentine’s Day, and St. Maarten’s Carnival. “The pageant, which started in 1997 as part of French St. Maartin Carnival, showcases Caribbean women at their best – a marriage of intelligence, beauty, personality and talent – and acts as a vehicle to promote Caribbean unity,”

Miss West Indies is expected to bring enormous benefits to the participants, who will be in St. Maartin for one week. Participating countries will also benefit from the exposure since the finals will be broadcast live with the opportunity to vote. The final night is expected to be a television entertainment event with different segments originally crafted to suit the show. The young ladies will compete in six segments as well as a photo shoot prior to the pageant to select Miss Photogenic.

The winner of this regional pageant MISS WEST INDIES will represent her title and will also be scheduled to attend various functions, events and more importantly dedicate some of her time to a charitable organization; and is also expected to be an outstanding role model to her country and the world.

The MISS WEST INDIES PAGEANT is a springboard to engender confidence and empowerment to women in a world in which, despite some progress, much is still needed to be done in terms of equal rights and fairness. The event is meant to get people to know each other by encouraging tourism enhancement for all participating countries. It aims to consolidate partnerships and new markets and foster cultural exchange.”

LADY J PAGEANT’s ST. LUCIA Director Janice “Lady J” Dupal thanks everyone for the support and wish Miss McKoy the best of luck at this prestigious pageant come Saturday February 14, 2015. Check out the social media page on FACE BOOK – MISS WEST INDIES, also the to vote for Miss Oneka Mckoy, St. Lucia’s representive – VOTE 758.

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