Reduction of gas prices


While the nation is divided on the reduction of gas prices, a major plague is affecting the very generation needed to ensure the country doesn’t become a modern day Atlantis. Unlike the mythical country the ailing generation won’t be drowned via the ocean but by the bottle.

It may came as no surprise to some but it still baffles me how a child younger than the age of 15 can be considered an alcoholic but it is true. Our nation’s youth are fighting a losing battle when it comes to the bottle; and sadly, nothing is being done about it at the moment.

Young boys and girls are able to purchase alcholic beverages with as much ease as it would take you to read the next line. From supermarkets to rum shops teens can be seen purchasing their poison of choice. Our young minds are quickly withering away with a drug that I believe should be scrutinized as much as marijuana.

It is so easy to gain the drug that when an alert cashier at the register asks to see I.D. the confused look on the youngsters face asks the question – “Are you serious?” In the adult themed parties that is now overrun by teens, alcohol consumption peaks at its highest and the number of drunk teens leaving these clubs is alarming and downright scary.

Are we will to throw away or should I say lose an entire generation just to make a few bucks? Are we not concerned that the future of Saint Lucia is actually drinking herself to the gutter? Of course it won’t be the hot topic on radio because we haven’t heard of a student losing their life as the result of an alcohol “overdose”.

Recently I heard a news item rank St. Lucia at number 2 on the list of islands where alcohol is widely consumed and instead of calling for less abuse of the drug, St. Luicans were rejoicing. I’m sure you can understand the type of precedence this sets with our youth.

I will end my Slouch here this weekend with something I read on the internet. “Alcohol is the number one drug of choice for young adults. Alcohol is the number one drug problem in America. Alcohol-related car crashes are the number one killer of young adults in the United States. If you think it can’t happen to you, look around. You don’t even have to be the one doing the drinking – most young adult passenger deaths are the result of alcohol-impaired young adult drivers.” The same can be said for our little island.

Have a safe weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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