Righteous Megalomania?

Expanding, contracting, rhythmic vibrations,
My heart’s missing something, pulsating for you.
But I’m racked with pain.
Due to decisions I made…
I quiver and quiver,
Because nothing’s the same.
I’m a quarantine suffering from this disease
In the rarefied atmosphere of the universe.
Great liking or affection, passion or satisfaction.
That’s what love is…
At least that’s what I’ve heard.
They recoiled, reflected, ricocheted, rebounded on my heart….
Excruciating pain. Feels like death must I depart?
I made a promise, a contract, a covenant, a vow, a pledge
And professed never to fall so deep.
Then there was devotion, esteem.
Admiration, attachment and desire…
This feeling sure did creep.
So unworthy, but you redeemed me
With your precious blood
There’s mercy, grace, concern and love
In the precious flood.
No greater love have you my Lord,
That you’d lay down your life for me
And you gave me the royal regalia that belonged to Thee…
You wore a crown of thorns and was wounded just for me…
Upon a hill called Calvary you died to set me free.
You were offered for us
That we might become an image of you
I’m thinking of it,
But I can’t comprehend this everlasting love so true…
You outshine all of the troubles and strife…
Surely…. your love is better than life.

By: Brittney Duplessis

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