S.M.C Presents Mystical Folklore


Good things seldom come in pairs but our island has been blessed with two Nobel Laureates – a treasure that will forever be used as bragging rights even after we have added two more names to the list.

During the month of January St. Lucians celebrated our two laureates’ achievements with activities ranging from short film viewings, lectures, and dance and drama presentations.

The Alma Mater of our two Noble Laureates Sir Arthur Lewis and Hon. Derek Walcott staged their annual production number “St. Mary’s College Literary Night” at the National Cultural Centre under the auspices of Her Excellency The Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy.

This year’s Literary Night embraced the theme Mystical Folklore and featured a number of pieces written, choreographed and performed by the students of the St. Mary’s College as well as the feature presentation Ti Jean and his Brothers, written by Hon. Derek Walcott .

“A pledge to Derek Walcott” performed by Darnell Wilson and the performance “Dance of the Unborn” by the Form 2 class followed by the school’s past students’ presentation of the Legend of Tom Fool ensure set the tone for the Form four Theatre Arts students performance of Mark McWatt’s piece “Ol’ Higue”, the score written by Jonathan Bruce (who had many hats on that night including a frog and devil).

The captive audience would be further spoilt with future laureates presentations including “Alien” a piece written by Rohan Alfred and “Pelly” written by Marley Fanis, “Good vs Evil” a dance number and “I Took a Swing” a short film directed and filmed by Martin Powlette. To cap off the first half of the evening, the young boys thrilled the audience with the traditional masquerade dance.

The second half featured the much anticipated feature performance, Derek Walcott’s Ti Jean and his Brothers. On S.M.C’s splendid set students in spectacular costumes — the Frog, Cricket, and Firefly, tell the story. Together with a musical backdrop we learnt about the evils in the forest as the excerpt climaxed with Ti Jean’s triumph over the devil where his two older brothers had failed.

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