Self Improvement


Dear Diary,

Sometime ago, I was making my way to the office. School had just finished so of course, there were a number of students in the Capital. I observed two female students who were not too far head of me, animatedly engaged in discussion. Perhaps discussing the day’s activities—that one can say, is routine. Whilst they were conversing, a male student bumped into one of the girls and quickly apologized. I was certain he would. He is a student at one of the island’s leading schools, and discipline is paramount at that school. (Of course, not every child would adhere to what is taught, but based on observation, it was incumbent, or if not, almost.)

Whenever I speak of the school the male student attends, and its students, I speak highly of the school and hold its principal in high regard because the school produces wonderful products.

When the student apologized to the female student, she accepted the apology— some readily await dispute. (You know that). Her friend however, did not hear the student’s apology and quickly took to her defence in an aggressive tone, rebuking the student, as he had “not apologized”. The other student who had been bumped into, quickly corrected her, as well as the boy, in a calm and surprised manner, stating that he had apologized.

I watched the situation unfold with slight amusement and disbelief. My word! Of course, the student who pointed fingers shamefully admitted that she had not heard. This was not the best way to deal with the situation and I hope she learns from her mistake — such a big reaction for a small matter.

If someone steps on my toes, or unintentionally injures me in some way, I always try my best to make the individual feel better and accept the apology with a smile. (Even when I’m boiling inside at times)! “It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. Mistakes happen. It could have happened to anyone!” If the situation was reversed, I would hope the individual sees the situation for what it is—a genuine mistake. As “small” as this may seem, actions like these make the world a better place; we can coexist in a peaceful environment.

A lot of us, need to work on self improvement. Many dream of change, hope for change, hope to see a better world, but most times, we are our stumbling blocks. We need to step up.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Rae A.

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