Sniper Is The New Champ


It has quickly become one the biggest teenage events on the island and has already produced radio D.Js., championship winners and regular club names just to name a few. Teen Splash is a D.J. competition conceptualized by the Transworld Entertainment Crew in an effort to expose new and or up and coming teen D.Js in St. Lucia. In the digital era where almost everyone can lay claim to the D.J. name, the competition seeks to give everyone a chance to cement his or her name in the island’s entertainment industry.

It is no secret that the industry is dominated by males but don’t for a minute believe that the females when they lay their hands on the ones and twos won’t have the ability to engage, move and steal the crowd from her best male counterpart. With that set, let us introduce the new Teen Splash champion and first ever female D.J. champion, D.J. Sniper.

Sniper, a fairly new name to the D.J. fraternity, but that didn’t stop her from brushing aside eight male D.J.s including the defending Teen Splash champion and current Heineken Green Synergy Champion Mad X to claim her first D.J. competition title, “Teen Splash Champion 2015”. The lineup included D.J. Earthquake, D.J. Sniper, D.J. Mata, D.J. Mad X, Selector Nile, D.J. Mikey, D.J. Motive, D.J. Snow and D.J. Kaido.

Each D.J. had to impress the judges as well as the crowd to amass a total of one hundred points per judge’s score sheet. Mixing at least four genres of music with a fusion of old school and new school, the ability to mix, perform skills such as scratching throughout your set, use of the microphone to gain a favourable response from the crowd were all parts of the criteria used to judge each D.J.

The teens were out in numbers and the screams which echoed clearly outside of the National Cultural Centre’s walls was testament of the support each deejay received, even those who had forgotten to bring along their fan base. Of course the screams got a little louder when prizes from The Cell and Diamond’s International were offered but it was clear that the evening belonged to one Deejay with such prodigious talents on her Numarks. Such was the case when the judges revealed that her victory margin left no room for second place to rub shoulders with her.

The top three Deejays are D.J. Kaido (197), D.J. Mad X (227) and the winner D.J. Sniper (287). Plans are already afoot for the next major teen event from Transworld but before that winners can look forward to the official prize-giving ceremony.

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