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Dear Diary,

Over the years, many have learnt that social media can be perilous when used the wrong way, and that its users can be relentless. The advent of this social vehicle is a welcome one. However, when things go wrong, and individuals use social networks to tear down others, or rip apart I should say, as the term is more apt, then many wish that social media (briefly perhaps in some cases), was nonexistent.

One thing we’ve learnt is that anything that is placed on the internet is indelible. Because of this some have had to learn the hard way, while others practice being more circumspect about the things they post on the web.

Enter the infamous social feuds. Oh boy. For starters, though one can never be too positive in cases like these, I have to add that it is not my thing and it is highly unlikely that I would be involved in something of this kind. When I was 16, 18 or even 19, (given my extremely aggressive nature then), that was a great possibility. Thankfully I have grown and have come to realise that such is not worth it. Many (big) social feuds were as a result of something so trivial, it’s laughable. The consequences of the feud, however, are not.

Harsh words are pelted, individuals resort to the unthinkable (for example, betrayal), and the parties involved are eventually wounded in some way. What one gains at the end of a social spat, is beyond me— perhaps ‘retweets’, Facebook, or Instagram likes. This, as ludicrous as it may seem, allows some to feel more powerful. What about the ‘code of ethics’? Whatever happened to taking the high road?

If someone attempted to do the aforesaid, I will quickly hit the ‘block’ or ‘delete’ button if the individual is not a cherished friend or family member. Why would I spend my time going back and forth in a fight that is not worth the end result and one, one really and truly won’t win? My primary question— what do I gain from this?

Think about it, question yourself. I’m hoping that if ever you are in this position, you would use wisdom— leave immaturity on the back burner. Always question yourself— how would I feel if someone did this to me? For example, posting humiliating pictures and statuses of or about someone— I’ll leave you with that.

Have a wonderful Independence weekend, all. This year marks our 36th year of sovereignty. Cheers to us. I hope that with time we grow as a nation and can live in a blissful union.

Rae A.

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