Taylor Swift’s benign act


Dear Diary,

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed earlier this week, I came across an article stating that Taylor Swift had done another benign act. While some may say she’s “infamous” for her unstable love life, the singer is certainly famous for her remarkable ways; she is a selfless being. That I don’t think is up for debate. If you look up her history, I’m positive, you will agree with me. In case you are in no mood to do so, however, I included a brief history.

Taylor recently donated $50, 000 to New York City’s public schools from sales of her song “Welcome to New York”. I was irked when I came across comments stating that the donation was not enough given her riches and that she should have donated something more “considerable”— the nerve of some individuals is more than I can fathom. My argument, the singer is not obliged to do such yet still she went out of her way to do so. Because she’s wealthy, suddenly, $50, 000 is not enough? Ludicrous. What annoys me further is that sometimes when people point fingers, never have they made a significant contribution.

Swift took the top spot for a third consecutive time in 2014, on DoSomething.org, list for “Celebs Gone Good”.

“Swift’s contribution to New York Public Schools is just one of many philanthropic efforts she’s made throughout her time in the spotlight. According to Look to the Stars, Swift has supported Feeding America, UNICEF and Habitat for Humanity, among other charitable organizations. She also donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross to help victims of a 2008 flood in Iowa,”— Huffington Post.

I felt it incumbent to include some of the work she’s done. By no means, am I Taylor’s P.R.O, but I believe, her good deed should be recognized rather than frowned upon. The money, if used wisely, can go a long way.

With that said, I trust that everyone had a wonderful Independence weekend. Mine, for the most part, was spent doing school assignments, ensuring that my assignments met my personal requirements and so forth. As you may have noticed, I did cover the Miss Independence show so, thankfully, I got to enjoy a fragment of our celebrations.

Have a great weekend all,

Rae A.

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