The end of January


The end of January couldn’t have arrived sooner for some people, especially me. Not only was it going to make my pocket a little bit happier but also the end of the month would have made a full 31 days into the new year that we had gone without a single homicide. Now I don’t know about you but this makes me a very, very happy man.

We have for years been pleading with the gangs and street thugs, criminal elements and the like to desist from the crimes that can cripple our nation, holding our very means of survival, tourism, hostage and most importantly threaten the lives of the nation’s people.

31st January 2015, recorded for the first time in 15 years zero deaths caused by unlawful killings. What could be the reason? Who knows? Some may say sports, others may say there was an underground truce; whatever it is let us hope and pray that it remains until the end of the year and possibly beyond.

I’m not too quick to write-off the idea of sports being a leading factor in the reduction of crime. I believe that any legal activity that can occupy the time of an idle mind is one that should be endorsed at all costs.

Lately I have observed that the newest extracurricular activity for a young man is turning his laptop into a music station and himself into a D.J. I applaud the move as it is a very lucrative business venture if it is taken seriously; but remember with any industry there are rules and for you to be successful you need to do your research.

Educating oneself is also another sure way of continuing our terrific run of a violent-crime free month. What better way to resolve conflict situations than by reasoning with the individual you may have a difference with? If we would look at the real reasons for a fight we would notice and be embarrassed at how trivial the matter really is.

Seeing that last year 89% of homicides were murders and I am sure the majority of them are still unsolved makes me shudder. But, possibly there is a new wave of tolerance covering those hot spots and one can only continue to hope and pray that the quiet remains.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless!

Scady. P

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