The Grinch Stole Christmas


Dear Diary,

I stumbled upon the most heartwarming news story online earlier this week. If you have seen how “The Grinch Stole Christmas”, then you can easily recall how his heart was filled with warmth when little Cindy Lou-Who was insistently benevolent towards him. I can assure you I’m no Grinch; I watch this movie every year at Christmas along with ‘Home Alone’ and its sequels just so you know.

Back to my focal point however, I came across an article which stated that Adam Levine, lead singer of successful pop band, ‘Maroon 5’, made one of his youngest and biggest fans’ dream come to reality, a minor with Down’s syndrome, by agreeing to meet him. It was not just the meeting however, but the wonderful way he treated the child. Whilst reading about the good of man, or rather, this man, I let out a blissful sigh. I was on the verge of tears; I watched a video of 10-year-old Christopher Warner which showed his admiration for Levine and I was so moved by his beauty, innocence and obliviousness.

Children who suffer with unfortunate conditions, I believe, are blessings; they allow more love to come into our hearts and they allow one to see past imperfections. Well, some of us.

It is a marvellous thing. God has his reasons— sometimes, if a situation were different, we would be different, not in a commendable way. It breaks my heart when, not just children, but people with disabilities are treated in an unkind manner and I desperately hope that they learn from their almost unforgiveable mistakes. Some of these people are relentlessly tortured. I always say, give thought to the situation— you would not want anybody you care about to be treated in this manner. What if you were to have a child or sibling later down the line who was fated with this situation? What if you had an accident, and were dramatically changed?

We need to be mindful of these things people. I’ll leave you with that. I bid you a wonderful weekend my loves. Adieu.

Rae A.

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