The Love Day

Normally around this time I would be referencing the love day, but I am sure Rae has gotten that covered in the magazine this weekend. This weekend I would like to focus on a subject that a lot of us neglect whenever we can. In fact procrastination and that word in a sense are synonymous.

For a select few, the word studying is a favourite past time. But for others it is the most boring activity known to man. But what if I can give you a few tips to help you make the most boring activity into a fun and exciting event. Never study continuously for many hours as this could damage your eyes, brain and make you a worm. Rest for some 10mins after a study of 50mins.Drink some water, go around and chat with someone. Study by scribbling on a rough notepad. Scribble formulas, important terms or words that will help to keep those ideas in your mind. You can use it for future reference also. Always solve problems by writing. Never read out the problems or make it by-heart.

Now there is never a right or wrong time to study but consider this. Never study after you have eaten full or if you are starving. Studying with a full stomach will make you sleep and a starving stomach wouldn’t help you at all. Your brain won’t act along with you. Revise your portions if you have spare time. This will help you remember things.

Revise important formulas just before you go into the exam (it would be easy if you make an easy-note of the formulas). Revise by imagining that you are explaining something to your friend. This is also a good method of study. Refer to previous year’s questions and other important questions from guides which are sure to come. Concepts/principles should never be learned by heart. Always understand the content and think practically with some interesting examples. Learning by-heart is never going to help you in your future. It stays in mind just for your exam the coming day

IF you find that studying alone is a monotonous job you can call your friends and have group study. Do it only if you are sure that it will be useful. Personally it hasn’t worked out for me. I would just beat jokes and go around with them. The best people to do group study with are people who are less smart in ‘studies’ than yourself.

So where is the fun in all of that studying you ask? Well take it from me, the rewards you will receive afterwards will be well worth it. Before I close off this weekend I will leave you with some words from a very talented individual.

“Everyone wants to be a star but very few are willing to put the work in.” These are the words from the funniest man in comedy at the moment Kevin Hart from his “Laugh at my Pain” comedy and short movie. Hearing the man who is worth millions say these lines as a creed he lives by echoes words I heard when I was at school. We always wanted the best grades and the merit badges but very few of us wanted to put in the work, and by that I mean, studying assiduously.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless!

Scady. P

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