The Wavemakers

James Adjodha and Jesse Evans of Wavemaker Photography

James Adjodha and Jesse Evans of Wavemaker Photography

To say that this business is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial outfits in St. Lucia is an understatement. Almost everyone has the title photography at the end of their names and almost everyone can lay claim to being a photographer; and that’s really how it starts—point my camera or smart phone at an object and shoot. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out how to click or press the shoot button, but for James Adjodha and Jesse Evans of Wavemaker Photography there is a little more to achieving the perfect photo than many realize.

Both individuals are products of family based businesses, James works with the surveillance company OnWatch Caribbean and Jesse is the roofing surveyor and sales representative at Lifetime Rooftops. With the exception of James, their professional life of the wave makers speaks nothing about photography, but Jesse informed us that beneath the roof there is a guy who enjoyed painting, sketching and drawing and also did Art at the C.X.C level. As his passion for art lessened he found himself developing a love for photography and vividly remembers taking photos with his mother’s point and shoot camera. He recalls his ground breaking moment in his early days of photography came when he got his iPhone and started sharing his photos on Instagram with his friends and the rest of the world. The response he received was overwhelming and that cemented his transition from standing in front of an easel to behind a camera.

James’ influence for the camera admittedly came from his father who had a keen interest in gadgets specifically the video cameras and the “strange” looking Ricoh camera. But with the advent of camera phones (iPhone) and apps he started experimenting with pictures and uploading them onto Instagram, much like his partner, Jesse. It was there that his friend Claudine Springer, saw his photos and solicited his experience behind the camera to do a shoot for her for an article she was working on. The shoot was done using only his iPhone but his investment into a DSLR camera came when he landed the job as one of the official photographers of the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. He admits that experience gave him an even greater drive to learn and understand the art of photography.

With a strong determination not to fall into certain customs of new photographers, The Wavemakers have never turned down an opportunity to educate themselves and they encourage all young photographers like themselves to do the same. The duo alluded to a point of always reading and viewing tutorials that are available on the internet as a form of staying ahead of an industry that has become saturated lately. According to Jesse, “it’s not just about pointing a camera and taking a picture”, “there is a process that has to take place before and after you have taken that shot.”

Wavemaker Photography promises not to be just another group with the name photography at the end. They intend to push the limits as high as possible; already the company has captured The People’s Choice Award for Visual Arts at the Art Festival last year. “What we are aiming for is to bring something different, employ latest technology and techniques, employ various avenues of photography and merge them into our art form that we hope will continue to capture our client’s interest but more importantly showcase our love for photography,” James said.

Wavemaker Photography recently launched their official website, and on Instagram: wavemakerphotos, mrevans101 and james_wavemaker.

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