I stood on sunny shores
Both feet planted in the silky sand,
Sweaty hands shading eager eyes,
Waiting for your ship to come towards
A fonder heart.
You kissed me with dry lips,
A distant look veiled your eyes.
The wind flirting with the blank page
You handed me coldly;
Then walking away into freedom,
Leaving me breathless and locked in a snap of time,
Like the picture of us laughing into eternity,
Battling to find a reason
Which evades me.
You broke down every wall
Only to stab my heart
Brutally and heartlessly;
What an absolute fool!
Don’t feel sorry for this fool.
Who stands now with both feet
Emerged in the sea of hurt and confusion,
As the dread of fishing slowly settles
Like the dust now on the picture frame.

By: Sharlen Pologne

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