Amongst the constant negativity, good emerges

Rae Anthony

Rae Anthony

Dear Diary,

Of late, news headlines are often dreary, and the details which follow, are even more depressing. It seems that almost every day, the island is taking a turn for the worse. However, amongst the constant negativity which plagues our news, good emerges.

A number of young individuals (those who are involved in sports particularly), are being featured in the news lately and it pleases me. I can only imagine the swelling pride from parents, teachers, friends and family members when their loved ones are being highlighted.

Young readers, it is important to note that sporting activities can not only be a pastime but a future career. When I attended school, I was unaware of the possibilities that athletics presented. I was just happy to be out of class, on the field, having a grand time.

Now however, I know its importance, and I encourage individuals who are gifted in that area, and or have a love for a sport, to take it seriously. You can seek advice from local coaches and other athletes. You can also join a group and listen to stories from athletes who are well-known.

It is very important to keep in mind that excelling in sports alone is not enough. You must excel in your academics as well, to get to that level that you aspire to reach. Then, you may get an opportunity to obtain a scholarship, amongst other rewarding ones.

Remember, you must remain focused and have a zeal for the sport; pursue it doggedly.

Physical Ed. classes may be a bore for some. Learning the techniques of throwing the javelin, or discus may not seem that interesting, but if you are committed, you just may become good at it. If athletics isnot your strength however, (it certainly isn’t mine!) commit yourself to the area you are gifted in, then, one day, you will look around and be pleased with what you have accomplished.

Take it one step at a time, take the positive advice from others, improve upon your weak areas and be patient. We look forward to the good things and are so impatient at times, (I know all about that!) However, when it comes, it is well worth the wait. Work hard and never lose faith. Sometimes, opportunity comes in at the last minute.

Have a good weekend all,

Rae A.

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