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Monetta Wilson

Monetta Wilson

Monetta Wilson, 32, was presented with an enviable diamond-sculpted trophy at the recently-heldSt. Lucia Business Awards, where she was announced, “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Yoga instructor and owner of “Monetta’s Sayana Yoga” located in Mon Repos, Monetta, who registered her business in July of 2013, was recognized for her hard efforts, which she shared, was initially no easy task. Business owners, I reckon, are nodding in unison.

Opportunity presented itself, when she was seated on a transport, and heard an advertisement, encouraging interested persons to send in applications for The St. Lucia Business Awards. She then looked it up online and proceeded from there. She admitted that it was a tedious process as the application was “really long and intensive”, but of course, it was worth it. After completing her application, she was later telephoned and informed that she was a nominee, and had an interview.

A Mon Repos resident, Monetta currently works at three local resorts, as well.

“In the beginning it was really hard, slow and emotionally difficult, because I was not making any money, and my mother who doesn’t make that much, was basically supporting me,” she shared. However, she used that time wisely.

“I used the down time to set up my website, Facebook, Twitter,YouTube channel; to build my online presence so now that it’s busier and I don’t have much time to devote to it, all of that’s already up and running. I did everything myself. I had my business plan; I did my website by myself, filmed my videos and edited them by myself and put them up on my YouTube channel,” she said.

Monetta, who has always had an interest in yoga, is no simpleton. The yoga instructor has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine and Environmental Sciences from the United States Coast Guard Academy and also holds a Master’s inEnvironmental Science and Policyfrom the University of South Florida in Tampa.

But why Science I asked. Is there a correlation? “I’m really a scientist; I like to be in the lab and go out in the field and take samples, I enjoy that,” said Monetta. “Yoga is a science, it’s just not from the lineage of science as we know it but it’s in the ayurvedic science, the Indian science line,” she continued. “At school, I did sciences. I wanted to be a doctor, but we couldn’t afford to send me to school, so I took the nearest degree I could get for free, which at the time was the Coastguard Academy; they offered me a full scholarship,” she added.

She also taught Mathematics at a local secondary school at one point; she tried to return to teaching, however at the time, it was not possible.

Not everything is meant to be however, she mentioned. Sometimes, one is fixated on a thing,however, that’s just not what life has in store for them, she said.

She has learnt a lot from yoga. “A lot of times, we’re focusing on the past. I could sit there and just be sad about all the doors that closed in my face or focus on something that might not happen. But when you’re doing that, you’re not really present and noticing what’s going on and enjoying what’s going on right now.”

With her recent accomplishment, the 32-year-old hopes that she can continue to develop her brand.

“My next step is to build my brand, build my online presence, because not everyone will be able to come to my classes however, most people will have access to the internet so I wantto build my online store so individuals can go on there, buy the video and that way I can get more passive income and focus my energy on other things and on growing the business.” (Just so you know, her prices, are affordable!)

Monetta has found her true love in yoga, and says that in the next five years, she hopes that she is still teaching yoga, and would have transitioned into yoga therapy by then, which helps treats specific conditions; the reason for her wanting to do so she explained, is because she finds pleasure in caring for others.

Throughout her journey in life, she hopes to inspire young individuals; that is important to her.

Of course, every individual is multifaceted. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting the ocean, “sometimes I pretend I’m a mermaid,” she said laughingly. She also likes cooking, writing on her blog (, and running. In fact, she will be participating in a half marathon in Puerto Rico, in November of this year.

She is many things and one of those you may have noticed, is focused.

“At the beginning of the every year, I sit and I reflect and I choose the thing I’m going to tell myself when things get bad. Last year it was “I can and I will” and this year, it’s “trust and believe.”

With an attitude like this, Monetta Wilson can accomplish extraordinary things.

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