I’m in secondary school and I don’t know how to comb my hair

Dear Helpline,

I’m in secondary school and I don’t know how to comb my hair.My schoolmates always mock me. Any tips on how I can better?

Dear Anonymous,

Growing up can be a difficult stage—the teenage years can be one of the toughest stages for an individual. However, there is a brighter side and hopefully, these tips will assist you. For starters, avoidtricky hairstyles—the results can be extremely disappointing when you have not mastered the art of it, and can cause others to point fingers.

For now, stick to simple hairstyles like a one plait; you can also try a one plait with braided/plaited ends. If you have difficult hair, getting a smooth finish can seem almost impossible. Products like hair jam and gel can sometimes be a girl’s best friend. Remember to brush your hair as well. If you have difficulty putting your hair in a tight ponytail, ask your mom, or neighbour whom you have a good relationship with, to do so for you.

Sites like YouTube offer a number of tutorials; use the search engine to learn how to do various styles: both simple and complex. The good thing about tutorials is that they offer a step by step demonstration; you can also use the pause and replay buttons.

Another good site is Pinterest, which offers pictorials.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask a close friend or neighbour to give you a hairstyle; cornrows, plaits and rope twist last longer, so you can opt for that. You can even offer to pay the individual providing you have the funds—you will be surprised at how many students will eagerly do the task for a small fee!

I know this is a tough stage, but you will get there. Keep your head up and don’t forget to smile!

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    Also you should check out this page on facebook: 758 Natural Rules, they give tips on hair styles and care

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