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Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson

The description on the YouTube channel for his new video “Make You Mine” solidified what we had suspected about Michael Robinson. “With a smooth groovy and dancehall fusion, Michael Robinson brings to you his latest music video”. Michael wasn’t prepared to be an artiste that would stick to one genre, he set out to be a cut above the rest and to do that you have to be different.

“MAKE YOU MINE” produced by DreamVision in collaboration with WeLime is just that – different. It’s a fusion that adds a unique freshness to the airwaves and now with a video to accompany it gives his adoring fans a creative visual to match a powerful single. Here is a little more from Michael in this exclusive one on one interview.

YO! How long have you been doing music and how many videos have you released prior to this one?

MR: I have been involved in music from 2007 but my career began taking shape in 2011when I started working with St. Lucian born, Canadian based producer, Johann ‘Yogi’ Deterville, who professionally recorded my first single called “My Love Song”.  Prior to my recent release I have released one music video which was produced by Jelani Paul of Untitled51

YO! Tell us about the new video and how important was it for you to release a video for the single?

MR: Well being truthful, I must admit this was not the original plan; my aim is always to try to keep up with the industry level of international acts and what we really wanted to do was release the song with the music video. The story line and the song speak volumes and that particular track just begged for visuals, so it was always in the forefront of our planning to do the music video for “Make You Mine”. I believe everyone would agree that there is no way we could have left this single without doing a music video for it. The music video was produced by Kermany “Loggo” Lionel of Dream Vision in collaboration with WeLime and Wavemaker Photography. The production stars our reining Soca monarch Ezra “D’funmachine” Augustin and professional actress and model, Aurore- Oceane Recloux. Reviews and feedback are overwhelming and I want to thank everyone who has shared with friends and family. If you haven’t seen it as yet, what are you waiting for? Go check it out.

YO! What makes Michael Robinson different from other Saint Lucian artistes locally, regionally and internationally?

MR: Hmmm, well let me start by saying that I don’t really gauge myself by other performers and I can’t speak for them, but I can say that I really love music; it is not just a talent for me it’s an actual passion. I love performing, I love singing and I love writing and when it comes together I get great joy in those moments. I mean I still get butterflies before I take the stage and I always want to be at my best, I just assume all performers feel that way, otherwise what’s the point?

YO! From the time you started until now, what has changed in the industry that really made you think about your direction musically?

MR: Ohhh, the music industry is like a firecracker right now, lots of sparks. I mean a few years ago we saw the storm brought on by the influence of African beats, and now we are seeing the possible breakthrough of soca, trap and dancehall, with the trend of world renowned DJ’s including these genres into their mixes. So with my Management team and producers, we try as best to keep on top of these trends and deliver products which can make the international stage. For me its exciting because these changes make me think I can push myself to explore all these styles and grow my reach.

YO! Singers and writers have many influences, what will you say are yours?

MR: Finally a simple question. Lol…. As writers we all look for inspiration. For me it is plain and simple, my music manifestation is a reflection of life. Life as we call it, is the biggest school for any individual. It’s mysterious, wonderful, sometimes pathetic, sometimes boring, but it is still beautiful. The journey of life teaches me so many lessons and from these experiences I put the pen on paper. It may not necessarily be mine but trust me I relate to it and the music speaks what my interpretation of the “life moment” is.

YO! Where has Michael Robinson performed before and how did each performance influence your overall development as an artiste?

MR: So many places to keep track of but I have performed quite a bit of places. In a nutshell, from local concerts and shows, to performing with Tanya Stephens, all the way to Saint Lucia Main Stage Jazz.. wow, ummmm; I may be naive but each and every performance dictates for me a different type of preparation. I actually try to reverse what you are talking about by me using the opportunity for “Me” to influence the elements of the performance and not the other way around. I do learn a lot and I have a team who would critique each performance, I mean we actually record some of them so we can review and make adjustments. So as tedious as it may sound every performance is planned out and we measure our deliverables and make changes based on that. So I am always developing and growing.

YO! What are your plans for the upcoming Jazz season?

MR: Well I am still in studio and releasing music; I have a few surprises that should be out in a few weeks. I have a few bookings already including some opportunities overseas which we are keeping our fingers crossed about. But keep following my social media feeds to know where I will be appearing. Ok, ok I will give one location (as with last year I will be performing at Bay Walk Jazz).

YO! When will fans of your music be able to get their hands on a full length album?

MR: I would absolutely love to produce an album as we speak. And truth be told I will be releasing an EP very soon; but a full length album might be a bit of a stretch as  there needs to be a theme or a conveyable point and right now I am not leaning in that direction. I believe everything takes time and in God’s timing I believe it will come. I am very patient with the process.

YO! Where can they find your music now if they want to listen to MR all day?

MR: My music is everywhere. Just search for “Michael Robinson Saint Lucian” on Google. It’s on SoundCloud, YouTube, Reverbnation, and if they can’t find it, they can contact me via my Facebook fan page “Michael Robinson SLU” and I will be more than happy to send them all! Just make sure you like the page and leave a nice comment 🙂

YO! Finally, tell us three things you need with you when you are in the studio recording?

MR: I definitely need my ginger tea, phone and voice! Lol

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