Monica Lewinsky

Rae A.

Rae A.

Dear Diary,

Having watched a good movie over the weekend, (the seventh installment of the Fast & Furious series), I am undecided as to whether I should discuss my initial topic, or said film, which I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed. Though a great film, I realise that my initial topic, would perhaps, have a greater effect, so without further ado, I will get into that.

Over the long weekend, Friday, (which we were all grateful for I presume), I came across a video which had acquired a million plus views over a brief period of time. I was increasingly tempted to click the video because of who the individual featured: Monica Lewinsky, a former intern at The White House, who grew infamous overnight for an inappropriate relationship with United States President Bill Clinton.

Now mind you, I only had intentions of listening to the first three minutes (or less), of the talk on YouTube Channel TED (Talks). After all it was a long weekend and I told myself I had better things to do: indulge in yellow yams and mackerel and pennépis: you know, the Good Friday-Easter works.

I found myself unable to close the tab however; I was moved by her raw emotion, by what I believe could not be anything but painful truth. It is easy to surmise that the former intern wants to get in the good graces of the public again and devised some plan to make herself look good in the eyes of the public. However, before you can come to such a conclusion, you have to watch the video and I am certain, that you too, will feel the way I did.

I forgot to mention that pre-teens, young and older teens, may not have heard of her name before. There is a lesson in that story for you. In giving her story, Monica spoke of the case where a homosexual teen, Tyler Clementi, committed suicide in September of 2010. Tyler jumped off a bridge after his roommate secretly taped him being intimate with his partner and subsequently showed that tape to other individuals. One can only imagine the relentless torturing that eventually led to his suicide. Of course, it is not right for one to do so, but it is not right for one to be violated like that either. Put yourself in Tyler’s shoes: imagine the unending humiliation. My heart ached for this young man.

Monica shared that she was on watch as her mother feared that she too would commit suicide. Her case was a million times greater than Tyler’s. After all, she was involved with the President of the United States. Tyler’s case however, she said, empowered her. Though it took years and years, Monica is finally in a better place now and is a voice of encouragement for those who are bullied unforgivingly.  Many may say she ‘deserved’ the cruel end of the stick as what she did was wrong; true it was wrong, however, we have done countless wrong too. Remember, no sin is greater than the other. Most tend to believe otherwise however. I urge you to watch this video and learn from it.

There are situations that can be avoided; surely you do not want to gain notoriety like Monica did. True, she became stronger and she is now a public speaker. But will she go down that road again? From what I gathered, definitely, definitely not.

Have a good weekend all,

Rae A.