My friends mock me because of how serious I am about my Christianity

Dear Helpline,

My friends mock me because of how serious I am about my Christianity. Do you think dropping those friends would not be a Christian thing to do?

Dear Anonymous,

Firstly, in a genuine friendship, friends are supportive of the positive things friends take on. Christianity is something of a very serious nature; but of course, I need not remind you as I am sure you are aware of this.Allow it to sink in again however.

When an individual decides to make a decision that will positively impact their life, negativity should be disposed of. This means, that sometimes, we have to sacrifice certain things, including friendships for us to grow. However, in this instance, most Christians would suggest that you attempt to allow your friends to see why Christianity is so important; win them over. However, if you have done so numerous times, and your friends disregard you, I suggest that you get rid of that negative energy.

Of course, this by no means, mean, that you should stop speaking to these individuals altogether. You should always be warm towards them.However, refrain from activities you did with them initially: (social get-togethers, etcetera).

It is possible that when these individuals notice the change in your attitude, they will then place great effort in changing theirs; that is no guarantee however.

I suggest that you pray about the situation, and seek advice from a devoted church member(s), who is wise; it will assist you in making a better decision. The member(s) may perhaps share their experiences as well, which can also help.

I wish you a positive outcome.

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