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Rankin Morgan

Rankin Morgan

A young entrepreneur once told me how tedious and arduous a task it was to start up his own business.  “The red tape,” he said, “was enough to make me want to give up my dreams,” but he didn’t and I can attest he is happy he stayed the course and preserved.  A sure way of identifying a winner is by understanding the struggles he went through and how he dealt with them.

This feature started about an individual but we quickly understood how important the word team could be to the success of an idea first and business second.

Meet Rankin Morgan, the Managing Director and Web Developer of 123 Digital Limited, Managing Editor of Dazzle Magazine and Producer with Mezzo Forte Records. This wasn’t my first encounter with the award winning business man, in fact, I was first introduced to Rankin, by a mutual friend, a fete! That’s right; Rankin, his brother Irvine “Smokes” Springer, and Derek Greer were big time players in St. Lucia’s once booming entertainment industry back in 2000.

Eager to change the entertainment scene and how St. Lucians partied with sound system deejays, the young St. Lucian fresh from a full Trinidadian exposure of the fete life formed Mezzo Forte Sounds with his brother and friend Derek Greer with the desire to be one of St. Lucia’s internationally recognized sound systems.  That investment he confessed consumed his entire month’s salary, which at the time was $800.00. The investment soon paid off and the crew was given their first break by D.J. Outlet to play at a premiere event hosted by Outkast aka Pack 9. More gigs followed and the trio soon moved into promotions, exposing the island to themed parties and boat rides, never once shying away from introducing a new party aspect that had never been done before.

The fun and excitement died down in 2002 as the brothers and Greer took different academic paths. Upon return to the island after an eight year stint in England (graduating from London South Bank University) Rankin noticed that the music scene had changed considerably and with that, a new journey began where he gravitated to the production side of music. His production would soon see the likes of Nicole David, Alpha, thelate Mubarack, Skinny Fabulous, Fay Ann Lyons and others who lend their vocals on tracks produced by Mezzo Forte Records.

Rankin is a firm believer of exposing talent, especially St. Lucian talent and he doesn’t believe it should be done only when the person has attained a certain claim to fame. With that desire birthed Dazzle Magazine.  He informed us that if it wasn’t for him taking advantage of an opportunity provided by the St. Lucia Youth Business Trust, and the support given to him by his advisors and family, the magazine we know today maynot have become reality.  Dazzle he says endeavours to teach and make information readily available for St. Lucians and now citizens of Barbados and St. Vincent. The magazine produced in St. Lucia and currently in circulation in the two other Caribbean territories gives young outstanding professionals an avenue to tell the stories as well as educating, inspiring and developing individuals.  Each magazine is indigenous to the Caribbean territory it represents.

Dazzle received the prestigious Business Idea of the Year award at the St. Lucia Business Awards hosted by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce in 2013 and with that saw the birth of 123 Digital Limited. 123 Digital Limited specialises in digital media: Web development, Web solutions, App development, Market research, Sales Analysis, and Web Analysis.123 Digital Limited can also be described as a family as opposed to a team. The company consists of persons closest to Rankin, from his wife Alana Morgan (Sales & Marketing Manager) to his brother IrvineSpringer (Finance Director)to AldrinHenry (Art Director) who worked with him before. They all work with passion and enthusiasm in order for the success of the business.

The former student of the Entrepot Secondary School encourages young persons to continue reading and expressed deep regret that the island had to lose bookstores that once were considered the foundation of St. Lucian society. He would like to thank all the advertisers, writers, contributors, supporters and readers of Dazzle Magazine and also 123 Digital Limited’s clients who have made this dream a reality. You can also check out Dazzle Magazine online www.dazzlethemag.com

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