Royalites xTreme takes extreme to another Level


The carnival bands have not waited for the traditional “early” release of Soca music to jump-start their season. So far we’ve had a band unprecedentedly launched in January and last week was the turn of the family from RoyalitesxTreme Carnival Band.

A band which single handedly changed the face of St. Lucia Carnival back when they were Royalites Carnival Band, revealed the end to their trilogy in this year’s portrayal “Beneath it All”. The press and reveller launch was held at the Golden Palm Centre in Rodney Heights and attendees saw first-hand what the band has in store for their revellers in 2015.


This year, RoyalitesxTreme Carnival boasts a total of seven sections Erupt, Gold Digger, Seaweed, Coral Reef, Scorpion, and Ocean Blue.

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