The “Kylie Jenner Challenge”

Rae A.

Rae A.

Dear Diary,

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, (Vine)—over the years, we have seen individuals across the globe participating in challenges on these interactive sites.  Interactive sites hold a power, that is undeniable and have been deemed “the future”—easy to see why.

If you are a hopeless social media devotee or “junkie”, then I presume you have noticed that these social sites (and video sharing platform), have introduced challenges both good and bad. One of the most recent challenges: the “Kylie Jenner Challenge”, which is featured on page 8.

The 17-year-old public figure is popularly known for her well-defined lips. Many teenagers have tried to achieve the “Kylie Jenner look” and have failed; enter the said challenge—lip plumping through small drinking glasses and bottles.

Says Fox News,“Teens are trying to enhance their lips, sparking the trending Twitter topic #kyliejennerchallenge. One method to get a “natural” pout is by putting your lips into a small glass and sucking as hard as you can, USA Today reported. This causes the lips to briefly swell, as they would with a cosmetic injection.”

 Many teens participated so that others could get a good laugh out of it and others had sincere hopes of looking like the socialite. Whatever the reason, it produced disastrous results.  Fox reported that “the downside is that this method can cause serious pain, bruising and scarring around the mouth, as evidenced by images popping up on social media.”

Although these challenges are sometimes done in good jest, there are serious repercussions.  Viral stories show that people will do almost anything to garner likes or become the next hot topic—careful.

Kylie herself had to jump on board, advising individuals to “be themselves”.

There is a constant pressure to keep up with appearances and it is stifling.

I know make-up and other enhancers make many of us feel complete—I can’t live without my favourites! But the most important thing at the end of the day is to be content with what you see in the mirror, live life fully, and never, ever take extreme methods to attain what seems “perfect”.

Have a smashing weekend all! I am currently on school break and I am making the most out of it because when school resumes, I will be tormented! The workload is crazy! But I am comforted knowing I will be rewarded at the end.

Take care,

Rae A.

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