Carnival Beauties Sashed


Photo By: Stan Bishop

The first question is the obvious of course—which girl will be queen? On Tuesday evening at Sandals Halcyon, the 2015 National Carnival Queen contestants were officially introduced to the public at a sashing ceremony, where their sponsors were revealed.

We can tell you one thing—this year’s competition is one that will attract many. From the looks of it, the competition will be fierce. Most of the chosen contestants are well-known individuals in pageantry, which adds even more excitement to this year’s show.

This was no easy process however; to be a contestant in this year’s show, the girls had to make it past two tough auditions.

The final eight later received a phone call to inform them that they were selected to be a part of this year’s competition, during an exciting live programme on The Wave.

This year’s Carnival Queen contestants are Khadija Mason: Miss Boka Group, Laura Bruce: Miss Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Bebiana Mangal: Miss Columbus Business Solutions, Ayana Alexander: Miss Super J IGA, Denise Nelson:  Miss Flow, Francillia Austin: Miss Digicel, Anya Edwin: Miss Piton and Yvanna David: Miss Nagico Insurances.

The girls, who wore huge smiles, were presented with a number of gift items which included beauty products and smartphones compliments Digicel at the sashing ceremony.

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