How come?

How come of all the girls I like
You seem to be the only one I love
You throw a punch like Mike,
As miserable as you may be,
You’re an angel from above
Sent to earth especially for me.
How come you are the only one?
From a whole thousand,
Who, by just a look can turn me on?
I’ve heard the windows to your soul are your eyes
Well, even if you were blind I’d get hypnotized
I was told to ask the other guys,
Her ex’s
When you left them, they were all paralyzed;
Friends said it’s drugs, others said, you performed hexes
Girl, whatever the case is
I will make you love me with ease.
How come,
How come I was able to convince you to settle down
And stop all that running around?
How come I’m the only one to have ever met your mom?
And the first man ever to shake your father’s hand
Claiming to be his daughter’s companion?
What have you done?
You, everyone seems to be running from
How come?

By: Miguel James

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