Simply Beautiful

They born original?
So were we.
But we grew up under Blueberry Trix Yoghurt skies,
Nourished with cocoa tea and green fig pies,
Simply beautiful.
They rockin Jordan sneakers on their feet?
We wear our sun-kissed cheeks
Rosy like the Julie mangoes that we always breakin a leg to reach.
They ride Benz and Ferraris on rocky roads
Yup, we ride cheap wooden boats – but on flowing mirrors
So cool, so calm, so crystal clear
That even the clouds could see their pretty smiles in them.
While the world sleeps and snores and dreams,
Our waves go dancing with the stars on the Caribbean Sea
Better than their show on TV.
We stuff ourselves with lollipops and sweets
But they can see – that we, are the real eye candy.
Our smiles are not much, but they do come in handy
Like when the sun hides behind the clouds in fright
And the day lacks a little light.
While we see ourselves poor,
They see land perfectly sculpted by the hands of The Potter.
Our landscapes make them gasp for air –
Like fish out of water.
They wear Versace on red carpets
With their Chanel colognes in the air like water vapour
But we wear flowing robes of blue, black, yellow and white nationality
Bursting with West Indian Flavour.
Proud, powerful Saint Lucians.
Simply Beautiful.

By: Para Nora