The Devil and I

Couple of months now and I’ve seen how,
A thin line between love and hate,
Can lead to a man’s fate.
Never have I felt so betrayed;
Guess what, I prayed and I prayed.
I’ve found myself a new friend lately
Well that’s what he told me.
I’m watching him closely,
Because I no longer trust anybody.
Something about him is fishy,
Trying to persuade me to stay away from prayer
And his eardrums catches fire every time I mention Jehovah.
He says hell is a better spot, it’s always hot,
There’s always a party and nobody loves nobody.
I told him about heaven,
He acted as if he was unable of hearing,
Saying my stories weren’t compelling.
So I decided to take him.
He could not believe what he was seeing.
When time came for us to be leaving,
Furiously he said no, I’m staying.
I couldn’t believe it.
Here was the devil calling it quits;
He then went over to Jesus’ seat
Bowed down to his feet,
Weeping and wailing and gashing of teeth
And I repeat, God you are the master of my fleet.

By: NoFace

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