The Jazz and Arts festival has come and gone

Rae Anthony

Dear Diary,

The Jazz and Arts festival has come and gone, and I have to say I enjoyed both the main stage and fringe events. The festival, over the years has improved considerably.

However this year, I thought, it was absolutely extraordinary. Now of course there are others who may say otherwise, but I am certain that the many who attended will tell you that they got their monies worth.

Although I enjoyed most of the performances, rapper Flo Rida, hands down, was my favourite. He brought an energy that was seemingly unsurpassable. I was thoroughly impressed and absolutely loved the “eat, sleep, rave, repeat” atmosphere.

Side stage too impressed. As routine, we had a number of local acts, who simply put, were fantastic and who most certainly, are on their way to stardom. Readers, I encourage you. If you are blessed with musical talent, pursue it doggedly. Sometimes you are led to believe that your singing ability or the instrument you play is “silly” or “nerd-like”. Do you know how many nerd-like people back-up the biggest singers in the music industry? Don’t allow anyone to poison your mind; you could be on our local stage and or international stage.

Before I end this weekend’s entry, I have to mention that one thing I appreciate most about the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival was the arts component. The wow! factor was there. I believe it makes the Festival more of a “must see” event. The two combined produced marvellous results.

I hope you all enjoyed the Jazz and Arts Festival. If you did not attend main stage, that’s okay, because the jazz events leading up to the main events were fantastic!

Have a splendid weekend all. I look forward to my next entry God willing.


Rae A.

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