The jazz season has ended

The jazz season has ended, and now we have shifted our focus to Carnival, as it is the season for ‘bacchanal’. I, like many, am looking forward to attending the shows, and making the most out of the season.

However, I won’t be going into depth about our much loved bacchanal today, but rather, a young man whom I had spoken to for the first time. Earlier this week, I interviewed this man, and I was riveted by his artistry and intelligence. (See our main story).

I am an art enthusiast, so I was eager to pick the depths of his mind. Throughout our interview, I kept thinking, this man is destined to do something great. I was excited and I desperately wanted to hear his story, and clung on to his words.

I later got to thinking. What if at least 15 out of 20 people had that effect on people? What if we created a big impact on not just one person, but many individuals—what if…?

Whilst speaking to him, I realized how much I had neglected my passions and promised myself, that I would return to the art that I love so much; poetry. In my case, it is simply a lack of inspiration (or so I tell myself). I think the advent of social media has gotten in the way of things a bit.

(Sidebar): I will shamefully agree that I am also a former bookworm. However that too, went down the drain when social media made its grand entrance. (Distractions, like the devil, are the worst!) Interactive sites are so addictive; I will admit that I am a slave to Instagram. We have to be careful when we are using these sites however.

Although I am a social media junkie, when I have to commit to important things like my school work for example, I am completely focused. It’s tough I know, especially when school work is a tad monotonous.However, we must get our priorities right. ‘Sides, social sites will be here for quite a while—you have enough time.

The message I want to leave with you is to try your best to be your best self; someone who will leave a mark. Like the late Sir Dunstan St. Omer.

I, now, have made a promise I have to keep.

Just in case you’re wondering why I’m in the Editor’s seat—he’s on vaca! But no worries, our beloved Editor will be returning soon enough and I, then, will be on the beach, sipping on a drink, with a Cheshire grin.

Have a good weekend all! I am beat! I need hours of sleep, followed by hours of catching up on “The Royals”. Catch you at the Opening of Carnival! #StartIt!

Rae A.

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