Molested at 4,
Raped at 21,
No job and No freedom,
Betrayed and hurt and abused.
Life continues to throw her harsh blows,
I struggle to keep the joy in my spirit,
But the world takes it away every time,
God has surely forsaken me.
So what now?????
Thoughts of suicide consume me.
Why God?
What did I do?
Who on earth did I kill??
I just don’t understand.
Not sure as to what I should do.
Yet I want to defy the world for what it’s offered me
I want to raise my fist and shout
I’m still here
I’m still breathing
And I’m still bracing for the fight
The world will kill me
Life will persecute me
But it won’t kill my spirit
Molested at 4,
Raped at 21,
Demons are knocking on my door.
But I’m not running.
I won’t let this world consume me with its flames
And let life dance on my grave
I will stand tall
My spirit is strong and I won’t fall
I don’t understand why God would put me through hell,
When I know I have done nothing wrong.
But as a solider of his army I stand firm
With my faith as my shield and my will as my sword
I won’t let the world or life destroy my soul.

By: Zhane Springer

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