My words are gone. Like a lover’s caress, I miss you.
Hopefully not forever. Or am I afraid. Of the shadows that lurk. The skeletons inside.
The horror that resides. The flirt that doesn’t subside.
In the heat of the day …the cool of the night.
Hot, hot, hot the world sees. But crouched inside the real eyes look.
Sad and happy at the same time.
Shy and bursting with life she hits the day. The facade firmly in place.
Being what the world requires. It’s easy …she’s done it her whole life.
Being what she is…only with a selected few.
The laughs come out. Genuine and free. It lights up the face.
The facade disappears. The world disappears.
In that moment it’s her and instant happiness,
In a laugh where the sun shines, the birds sing,
And the breeze blows through her.
It’s like a cleanse washing away the facade and leaving the truth,
In which strength is gained. And like a child,
She skips happily while walking totally engrossed in her laugh.
She lives for moments like these because she’s afraid.
The world has rejected her once too many,
Because she dared publicize the conditioning of life, society, culture and family.
Hiding to conform until her essence almost dies.
Like a lie told so many times it becomes like reality.
But with a laugh it explodes out of her. And she reawakes.
Life is for the living. She knows it…
Gains strength from that laugh ….
Takes a step …smiles …and lives. Goodbye facade

By: Aleah Charlemagne

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