Carnival ready? Check out Desirous’ Flash Tattoos

Desirous’ Flash Tattoos

For most, Carnival is not just about the feting. It’s much more; it’s the art. If you’re a Carnival baby, who loves the artistic side of things, then ensure that you read this article carefully.

One of the most sought-after trends of 2015 is flash tattoos. They’re symbolic, and can change a simple look into a spectacular one. Flash tattoos compliment almost anything and that includes the skin hugging costume you’ll be wearing come Carnival 2015.

This is where ‘Desirous’ comes in. Myreen Cenac, owner of ‘Desirous’ is making it easier for Carnival babies to get the look that they desire with this new fad. Her company, which came into existence in November, last year, offers a variety of tattoos.


“The flash tattoos are cosmetic metallic tattoos which are like stickers. You put it on, you wet the back and you peel it off. It lasts between three to six days and you can use them for any look,” Myreen said.

She advised that people with skin conditions however, should seek medical advice prior to using the product as it can be an irritant.

And just in case you’re wondering if she offers group packages, she does. ‘Desirous’ has you on lock this Carnival season!

Contact Desirous: 721 6243

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