Kazia Aurelien: An Inspiration For All

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Kazia Aurelien

The last time we had someone trending on social media, it was our representative at the Miss Universe Pageant and the last event to take over twitter’s trending post was the Power and Groovy Soca Monarch competition two years ago. This time it is song writer Kazia Aurelien.  But who is she and why was she all over the social networks? How did she win the People’s Choice for an all-expense paid scholarship (which includes a round trip airfare to the Bahamas) and we’ve never heard of her, or have we and we didn’t know it? Let’s dive into Kazia’s world of the pen, pad and the iPad.

You have been a trending topic on Facebook for a few days now so bring our readers up to speed. Who is Kazia Aurelien and why was she trending?

  • I’m a local song writer who recently submitted my work for the online auditions of the Island Music, Model and Talent Showcase. Submissions were accepted May 5 to May 25 2015, using Instagram, Sound Cloud and YouTube. Out of thousands, I was the only St. Lucian to gain one of the 12 finalist spots. Persons voted for me and I emerged as the People’s Choice winner. I won an all-expense paid trip to Nassau, Bahamas in July 2015.

What is MMTS and how did you find out about them?

  • MMTS is a team of professionals in the music, model, acting industry; who carry auditions throughout the Caribbean searching for young talented persons and give them the opportunity to be discovered, trained, mentored and scouted by Caribbean and international entertainment companies.

What do you expect to get out of the MMTS experience?

  • I see this experience being the perfect platform where my confidence will be strengthened, my craft will be challenged and the opportunity to build working relationships with persons in the music industry. I also expect to use this experience as material to write.

When did you start writing?

  • I started writing in my early teens. From poems, monologues, short stories and even plays. I just wrote whatever I felt I could not express verbally. This was just the preparation for performing at Headphunk, St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival and other national activities. But it was in late April of 2014 that I wrote my first musical contribution.

How did you get started?

  • Teddyson John contacted me somewhat unexpectedly. I was told that he was looking for a more poetic feel for some of his upcoming songs. Both my brother and cousin who are part of his band, encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunity. I was mostly skeptical until my phone rang and I saw TJ’s number. I realized this was the opportunity to really take my writing to the next level. He gave me the idea for “Love Like This” and in less than three (3) hours, I was done with the song. I was thrilled when I found out that Da’Ville from Jamaica would be featured on the track. I immediately envisioned the opportunities the song would bring and had already picked my sun bathing spot on a beach somewhere in Montego Bay, having a daiquiri!
Image of Kazia Aurelien

Kazia Aurelien

How would you describe the type of songs that are penned by you?

  • The songs that I have written so far are mostly feel good songs.’ Breakaway’ by Sir Lancelot focuses not just on carnival but onthe well-known issue of stress. It calls one to be worry free and enjoy every moment in life. “Love Like This” reiterates the need to appreciate your loved one and what makes the love that you share unique. ‘Paint and Powder’ by Teddyson John and Tall Pree is a celebration song. Its lyrics brings you to a point where you welcome the day in a sort of splendour that you can only enjoy if you transition from the darkness to light, as you watch the festivities unfold. My most recent writing, “So It Is” by Superman HD is an appreciation of our culture; both French and African heritage and how prevalent it is in our daily lives. It underscores in our music, our sense of style and in our expressions. I’m working hard so that  the message in my songs appreciates culture, love, togetherness and an overall theme that empowers all listeners to feel better about the gift of life that God has given us.

Where are you drawing the inspiration to write from? Is there somebody in particular or do you just find stories to tell in songs?

  • I am inspired by everyone. My family, my friends, my co-workers, my experiences and even my expectations of myself. I challenge myself and there are no rules to my creativity. However, I must listen to some jazz before I write. It calms me in ways that I cannot explain. I am therefore inspired by how jazz makes me feel. I hope people feel like that when they hear the songs.

Judging from the quality of music that is released almost on a daily basis do you feel like people hardly put the work that is necessary to create that memorable hit song? What would you consider is lacking?

  • I believe most persons lack knowledge of self. I say that because we have many persons in the local music industry who are jack of all trades but masters of none. You may be able to sing, produce and write but of all three, which one can you do best? Which one would spotlight your true talent? If one simply takes the time to find out what their strengths are then they will ultimately put a better effort into their art. This will eventually ensure a musical product that will be of a higher standard. There are sufficient writers, singers and producers on island to build a better musical brand but I see so many persons who can write, opt to sing instead and vice versa.

Where do you see your career headed? Where do you want it to go?

  • I want to go to the bank! Haha! Of course, who doesn’t? I want to write songs for the big names and the newbies. I just want to share it with anyone who is as enthusiastic as I about building a brand that can break barriers. I would like to keep writing but not just music. I want to write and direct my own play, publish a book of poems and short stories. I want to keep writing. I want to gain a deeper appreciation for my gift. I know that it is a blessing from God so I must use it to bless others. I want to continually inspire persons with my words.

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