The week on social media has been met with another dose of pornographic material

The week on social media has been met with another dose of pornographic material which has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many. It seems to be a growing trend for some individuals to bask in the demise or misery of others especially if they can play a part in tearing the individual down.  Will I say that you must be careful with the things you allow to go out over the wireless and 4G networks? Yes, I don’t think we can warn unsuspecting users of the internet enough on the dangers of just one compromising photo.

But now it’s not only photos of a scantily clad or nude body that can be used to destroy your reputation. Screen shots of conversations and voice notes have been known to cause much trauma and destruction to lives and relationships alike.  What you type to someone can be in someone else’s chat window seconds after you have clicked or pressed send.

These mobile recordings or voice notes make for the perfect substitution for typing; they usually add a little more convenience to the chat world as the receiver can now hear the sincerity in your voice have been known to surface on the internet and pass through different chart platforms quicker than a Chris Brown and K. Tran story.

All of these unfortunate circumstances have one thing in common. Persons were entrusted with information and in an effort to gain some fame points betrayed that trust.  It is a shame that we now live in a world where what people think and the amount of likes you receive dictates how well you sleep at night. It is a shame that people have now given so much control of their life and emotions to the social media sites such as facebook and twitter. It is a shame but it is the harsh reality we have to deal with.

It’s no secret that drugs are addictive and right now I am ready to admit that these social networks are the new drugs that our parents and teachers warned us about. It is where we go to look for the next fix and some of us will be willing to sell out our best friend if we had to just get that fix. We need to break that habit. We cannot allow the internet to win this one and we surely can’t allow ourselves to tear down each other for self-gratification.

I always ask persons to put yourself in this person’s shoes and tell me how would you deal with a situation. Quite often they either don’t or they can’t come up with a way to deal with hurt. So tell me if you can’t deal with it, what makes you think they can?

Take care ya’ll, God bless and have a great weekend.

Scady. P

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