This past week has been one of the most difficult I’ve had to face

This past week has been one of the most difficult I’ve had to face yet still, I know my pain dwarfs compared to that of one of my closest friend’s family. I lost my boy in fact my family because that’s what we called each other, Claude Calderon last week Friday and as news of his untimely passing spread through social media like wild fire, I struggled to come to terms with what I was reading and hearing.  In fact the friend in me refused to pay any further attention to the news and proceeded to call his phone but to no avail. As the phone rang out memories of all the arguments we had over the San Antonio Spurs my team and his Los Angeles Lakers came flashed in my mind like a montage.

As silly as it may have sounded it was one of the things I looked forward to the most during our rivalry. Even though we had never played a day in the NBA nor had we ever met each other on the court it always felt good when I had to lift the ban I’d place him on until June had ended or as had become customary until March (since Lakers were now losers) to remind him that my team had made the playoffs.

During that moment I was reminded that no longer will I have the pleasure of finishing the YO! Magazine a day earlier so that I can take a trip down to Vieux Fort to pick him up from the airport or take him back so he can get to that next gig or more recently go back to his pride and joy, his daughters and Tabby in New York. You want to see dude light up just let him hear me say Kobe Bryant is the greatest of all time (which you will never hear me say) or talk about the important ladies in his life. There will be no more limes in St. Lucia or New York. The facetime calls just to see Lexi, Khloi and Tabby won’t be the same.

As all of that was going through my mind, a short WhatsApp message came through confirming that my friend had indeed left us; I cannot begin to explain the feeling that rushed down my spine. As I looked at his WhatsAppprofile and I saw his ‘last seen’ was just a mere two hours ago and now this is the news I have to deal with. I won’t lie, it was hard, and it is still hard. Questions like what if he was here instead of there or what if he had missed a bus or was on the phone, maybe that could have prevented the loss of such a great soul, a dynamic human being that kept the party going wherever he went.

The number of persons who prayed and begged the Lord that the news was some sick hoax and Claude would have popped up on Facebook debunking it all remains; I must confess I am one of the many and that’s okay because I will come to terms with this fact of life on my own terms and time. I encourage everyone who had to deal with the ordeal called death to mourn, don’t be afraid or ashamed to, but when you do, comfort yourself in remembering the good times you and your family shared.

Take care ya’ll and have a great weekend.

God bless,


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